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Mayor Laubaughs' Insincerity ...Or Norman Brague's Refusal To Cooperate? (Video)

   On 12.11.20013, I entered into Wadsworth City Hall with the intention of seeing if Norman Brague would look into the fact that Child Services Enforcement Agency claims that they have never revoked Pamela Wingate's license for non-payment of Child Support. After all, Mayor Laubaugh herself stated in her certified letter to both myself and Pamela that she encouraged us both to contact the City's Prosecutor
   What follows is a very brief encounter in which I am rejected out of hand as having manufactured our complaints. Granted City Hall was in the process of closing, but I was not asked to come back at a more convenient time on the following day...or any other day for that matter. He just kept repeating , " I don't know why you keep making things up." Even stating outright that he has no intentions of speaking with me. I even stated that I possessed a letter from CSEA, but he did not wish to see it. I merely took these videos to prove that no one is sincere in any of the claims that they make, least of all the Mayor and her little cohort, Norman Brague. It is almost humorous to note that the secretary has more tact than Norman Brague. Maybe, as Brague is well over the retirement age, that he suffers from some sort of delusional disorder that prevents him from thinking logically and the various other staff are protecting him?
   Regardless, I feel that I need to record these things from here on out for both their safety and my own. As what they are claiming and how they are acting is so incongruent.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Norman Brague Sanctions Suspension of Constitutional Rights; Renacci Approves

   On May 21st, 2011, the Law Director for the City of Wadsworth, Norman Brague issued the following Memorandum.

   As previously shown in my previous Blog; Mayor Laubaugh; More Dirty Dealings, the Mayor, Ms. Laubaugh blatantly ignores and makes light of both Pamela Wingate's and my questioning. She had responded with an 8 page letter either belittling our questions, blatantly ignoring them, or justifying the illegal actions of the police and various other staff members in City Hall.
View Mayor Laubaugh; More Dirty Dealings
  Prior to the response of the Mayor which is blatantly condescending and illegitimate the above posted document had been distributed throughout City Hall and the Police Station. Because we had dared to file a complaint and civilly talk to the various staff asking for assistance we were deemed threats and troublemakers...that needed "watching"...and I was to be considered "armed and dangerous". Armed and dangerous on what account? For exercising our civil liberties, and attempting to resolve our complaints administratively, rather than filing a civil suit? Is this a crime in Wadsworth that merits surveillance now?
   It gets better, after the April 7th, 2011 Memorandum, in which I was made out to be a vile troublemaker who was potentially armed and to be treated with extreme caution, the following memorandum was issued on May 25th as a supplement to the first;

   The Law Director for the City of Wadsworth supposedly took the BAR exam, and subsequent testing to become a licensed attorney. Yet here we have a series of Memorandums in which Both Pamela Wingate and myself are described as troublemakers that are potentially armed and dangerous. Then the supplemental Memorandum was issued stressing the importance of search and seizure methods...if they feel necessary. Of course they are going to feel that it was necessary! A trusted Public Official, the Law Director stated in the first Memorandum distributed that we were to be considered armed and dangerous! So he basically suspended Due Process and said to hell with reasonable suspicion or Probable Cause; Which are clearly defined in Terry Vs. Ohio 392 US.
This Memorandum in effect was pre-authorizing both reasonable suspicion and probable cause...illegally, but now it came be established that it originated not within the police station, but through Chief Executive Officer, Mayor Laubaugh's executive staff members; surely she was aware of such decrees.
   Regardless, this Memorandum/illegal order eventually led to Pamela Wingate being illegally detained and incarcerated, and permanently injured(nerve damage in her wrist which requires surgery). This issuance show the unconstitutional and illegal lengths in which the City of Wadsworth will go to silence someone who has a complaint against their precious City and its employees. The paragraph's below with accompanying pictures are from account of the complaint that Pamela Wingate filed. As she has never been in any trouble before prior to her encounters with the City of Wadsworth, one can only image the suffering and stress that she has experienced as a result;
I was arrested by the Lorain Police Department on May 17, 2013 at approximately 9:30AM for a Failure to Appear Warrant issued by the City of Wadsworth regarding case number12CRB00125, which is a case I was told was dismissed over a year ago.  The Lorain Police took me from my house to the Lorain Police Department where they said I had to wait for Wadsworth to arrive.  Officer Sean Shannon of the Wadsworth Police Department picked me up from Lorain Police Department.  When the door of the holding cell that I was in opened he was standing on the other side with his right hand on his hip with his left hand out swinging his handcuffs around his finger, as if he was trying to intimidate me and said “are you ready Pam?”  I said “yes” and got up.  He then said “I will cuff you in the front; you aren't going to be any trouble are you?”  I said “no” “And he said “Well you were never any trouble anyways.”

He then put the cuffs on me so hard that they hurt my wrist (I have attached a picture of my wrist to this document) to the point that I now have scabs and bruising.  I told him they were hurting and he said if I didn't like it he could cuff me behind my back and then it would become more uncomfortable for me.
We then entered the elevator and I asked Shannon “Once we get to Wadsworth will I be able to bond and go home?”  He then told me I wasn't going to Wadsworth, and that I was going straight to county.
When Shannon put me in the car he put my seat-belt on so it was under my arms instead of across my chest.  During the drive officer Shannon drove erratically; swerving, rapidly accelerating, hitting the breaks, and chatting on his computer.  At one point he sat at a green light for approximately 30 seconds with traffic backed up behind him.

When we arrived at the Medina County Jail, he made of point of telling me he took me out of the car and told me “You tell your smart mouthed boyfriend the whole car ride was recorded and that he needs to quit running his mouth about me.”  He then said “You need to drop Dan he is dragging you down and it is his fault you are here.  He should worry about taking care of his family instead of making phone calls and sending letters all day long.”
I was then taken into MCJ (Medina County Jail) where I was searched, patted down and had to remove all my jewelry and shoes.  When they removed my handcuffs my right wrist was bloody from the handcuff being so tight.  When I asked for medical help Shannon said I was only trying to get attention and that I probably did that to myself and I was fine.  I never received medical help.  I was then taken into a small room containing nothing but a small table and two chairs.  A nice officer with the MCJ offered me food and water on several occasions when I arrived and Shannon said I didn’t need anything and that I was only trying to get attention.  During the time I was in the room, Officer Shannon came in on two separate occasions asking me about Dan.  When I said “I had nothing to say about Dan” he replied with “If you help us we will help you.”  Shannon came in the room on a third occasion with a woman who claimed to be Collette Graham, the attorney we thought we had with the ACLU.  I told her I didn’t believe her.  She argued she was there to help, I asked if that was true how did she get to Ohio form New York so fast?  I told her it made no sense and that I did not believe she was who she was claiming to be.  She told me I was starting to sound irate and crazy, she then left the room spoke with Shannon and left and I did not see her again.

I was in the small room from noon until approximately 5pm.  I did not have anything to drink or eat while I was in there.  It took me about an hour to get someone’s attention and I was finally able to use the bathroom around 4pm.  At 5 they started my booking process and gave me a bag of food.  During the booking I spoke with a psych nurse who said I was fine mentally.  I then sat outside with the other inmates and the psych nurse brought me pills to take, I said I didn’t need them and he told me it would be better for me if I took them.  I took the pills and then the psych nurse told the officer behind the desk I needed to be laying down within one hour because the medication would kick in before then.  She told him I only had to have prints done and take a shower and would be lying down in a cell in plenty of time.  About 20 minutes later they took my prints and made me sit down again.  An hour later they took me for my shower, at this point I had trouble standing by myself and at one point fell over trying to shower and I scraped my leg during this process.

After I was dressed I was put in a holding cell for a few minutes and and then taken to a cell with no one else in it (C-100).  I was told I could make phone calls if I wanted to so I began trying to call bail bonds companies.  I then went back in my cell and a few minutes later a woman came in and told me that I needed to take off my clothes, glasses and wrist band and that I was being put on suicide watch.  When I asked why she said “You just told me you wanted to hurt yourself”  I said “no I didn’t, I was making phone calls and came back in here to sit down”   She said “yes you did, you have to wear this vest and you will remain in here for the remainder of the night and you will no longer be able to come out or make calls”  She then took my blankets, sheet, cup, spoon, soap and toiletries, clothes glasses and wristband, locked my cell and left.  I then attempted to go to sleep.

At 6am on the 18th, they slid my food through the door.  I put it on the table and laid back down to sleep, to depressed to eat.  At around 830 a female corrections officer opened my door and asked me if I was feeling better.  I said yes.  She asked me if I wanted to hurt myself, and I said no.  She then gave me my blankets and other belongings back and said I was free to use the phone or read a book if I wanted to and told me I was no longer on suicide watch.  I did not see or speak to a doctor during any of this  About an hour later, I was moved to a cell with other inmate that wasn’t isolated (C-76).

I was bonded out at 7:30PM by Conni Overstreet, a woman who works for A1 bonds, and will be witness to things I have mentioned in this letter.  I had to call Wadsworth because my warrant was still active up until the 20th of May.  I went to court for my arraignment on May 22, 2013 at 8:30AM.  I plead not guilty.  I received a letter in the mail stating that my change of plea hearing is scheduled for 8:30AM on June 4.  I did not, nor do I wish to change my plea!  After all of this I feel they are still messing with my life and I want it to stop.   Also, I have went to the hospital for my wrist injury.  I was told I have soft tissue damage, and possible nerve damage as well.  I have to go back in a couple of weeks to get everything checked again.  For now, I have to wear a wrist splint.  I can be contacted at 4403815801.  Thank you.

Pamela Wingate

This was her official report which was filed shortly after she returned with news from the hospital in Lorain. During her brief incarceration/illegal detainment, which directly stemmed from illegal orders from the City of Wadsworth's executive staff. Pamela Wingate was denied medical treatment for her wrist, she was detained in a cell without bathroom facilities for nearly six (6) hours (she had not had access to such since approximately 9:38am that morning), she was denied sustanance for the same amount of time, and interrogated by Patrolman Shannon and a woman (that claimed to be with the New York ACLU -she had logged in as a visitor under the name C. Graham). Shortly thereafter, she was , forcefully medicated and punitively placed in a Suicide Watch cell so that she could not bond out on a 2nd degree Misdemeanor (which had previously been dismissed).
   Asides from the fact that Shannon had acted in the capacity of a jackbooted thug for the Law Director...basically treating her how he had stated that they should in the Memorandums issued on April 7th and May 25th of 2011 simply because we had complaints that we wished resolved, the case that she was illegally picked up on was a false filing as admitted to by the Mayor/Chief Executive Officer in the attached contract on page one (1) Paragraph B of Recitals ( She had recently went for her hearing on November 27th of 2013...and Judge Mcilvaine still found her guilty! even after making reference to the contract being brought to his attention-and Norman Brague had the gall to recommend that she receive 90 days in jail! Her jury trial was cancelled and her attorney John Carney, which she fired, had without her signature changed her plea to guilty!)

  The Mayor, was indeed knowledgeable of all of these actions including the most recent in which Judge Mcilvaine found her guilty, and Stormin Norman's request that she receive 90 days. In fact she is nothing more than a corrupt Public Servant abusing their positions of authority by betraying the Public's Trust. They ALL advocated the way Pamela Wingate was treated. The only reason that they are claiming they want to be helpful is because they are terrified that if this actually makes it to the point that it gets to a Federal Court, then they will all get jail time, and bring down their biggest ally, Congressman Renacci. That is right, Congressman James Renacci. Last week, he contacted Colonel Paul Pride(badge number 120, unit number 4024) of the Ohio State Highway Patrol and left him a voice mail stating that he wished to speak with him in regards to the issues that Pamela Wingate and myself have brought to his attention. During the conversation, Renacci intimated that I was merely bored and creating chaos. He went on to vouch for the Mayor and the City of Wadsworth, asking that he dismiss any pending investigation...and that he wanted Colonel Paul Pride to know where he stood on these issues. On Wadsworth's side. Colonel Paul Pride informed us that he had asked James Renacci to come in and speak on these matters in person. Mr Renacci had agreed , but only if he could bring an attorney. He then began evading questions and relaying that he didn't wish to speak on certain matters.
   The following day Renacci was a no show. Colonel Paul Pride contacted him and was told by Renacci that he was a busy man. Colonel Paul pride then issued him the ultimatum that if he didn't show up by 4pm the following day that he was going to get a warrant to bring him in on Obstruction of Justice. He arrived the next day shortly before noon, with two attorneys in tow. He had refused to answer many of the questions, so an official statement was not released by Colonel Paul Pride of the OSHP, but he touched upon certain points(and this is paraphrased). One, that Renacci was wholly behind the City of Wadsworth and their decisions. They are good people and that Dan is creating chaos because he is bored and lives to cause trouble. He also made reference to my Blog, lol. He had originally stated that I was making the letter up, but on this occasion he had the ready excuse that the Mayor was stressed when she wrote it, and that there was nothing in it that she didn't respond to correctly(lol). In reference to my Blog he also brought up Marie's Pizza. He stated, according to Colonel Paul Pride, "that Marie's is a family run establishment, with good people." He must not have read the criminal records pertaining to the managers and their family members, or to the fact that they are in and out of hospitals and rehab facilities pertaining to drug use. I guess that Congressman no longer have to pick and chose the background of the people that they choose to associate with for fear of sullying their careers and reputations. He also went on to explain that his current opinion was that I set Pamela Wingate up? he figures this is beyond me. How can anyone determine that the local government is so corrupt that they will break laws and Betray the Public Trust...against his then fiancee? Are they insinuating that I am some kind of an evil genius that can compel the City of Wadsworth to violate the Law and Constitution against their will? WTF. That is like going before a Grand Jury and exclaiming that you are innocent...because the devil made me do it. LOL. Just thought that I would relay this...since he was voted in office by us, lol, and even with two attorneys...that was the best defense that he could come up Wow...still unbelievable. Next they will drag me out of my father's house exclaiming to the world that I am a witch! and need burned alive in the middle of town so that God doesn't get mad. Anyway, Renacci was very evasive and refused to answer many of the questions according to Colonel Paul Pride of the OSHP, and he intends on bringing him in under the auspices of Obstruction of Justice because he feels that he knows more and was being most uncooperative.
   In closing, I wish to ask any of my readers to come forward if at anytime they have experienced similar treatment at the hands of the Wadsworth Police Department, or its City Officials. I in no way believe that mine and Pamela's occurrences are isolated incidents, I do believe that we have fought them tooth and nail the longest...and they are simply at a loss for how to react other than illegally, especially with Congressman Renacci rearing his ugly head publicly now on taxpayers money. Is this what we pay our elected officials to do? For a US Congressman to back the illegal actions of a small town that he was once Mayor himself in?
   I have enclosed the links to all my previous blogs in case anyone might be interested in reviewing them. I realize that I committed agg arson nearly 17 years ago, but I am a law abiding citizen now. I am not bothering anyone, and Pamela has never bothered anyone in her life. The most that she had prior Wadsworth was speeding tickets. Read, and judge for yourself, and please feel free to contact me if anything similar has occurred to you.

   Thank You Most Sincerely For Your Time, Daniel Eggeman

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Mayor Laughbaugh; More Dirty Dealings

   I demonstrated that Mayor Laubaugh was more than willing to let the citizens of Wadsworth part with their hard earned money by giving Pamela Wingate 3.2million dollars...which you know full well will be felt through increased taxes in the following fiscal years and because a motion was supposedly filed with the courts it is now at 8 million(will publish shortly) see link below;

   This was done, according to her, because she wants to help. That she had no idea whatsoever that any of this was going on. Well, I am here to call her Bullshit card. I have enclosed and eight (8) page letter received via certified mail from Mayor Laubaugh herself. This was back in November of 2011, so how could she possibly not know, lol. In fact, not only did she know, but went so far as to justify the illegal actions of false information being entered into the LEADS/NCIC system. This false information was being entered from Chief Reinke's login and through the agent of Judge Mcilvaine's Clerk of Court, Debra Kaufmann; as has been determined by the Ohio State Police, and recently confirmed by Colonel Paul Pride of the Ohio State Highway Patrol/State Police, Unit number 4024, badge number 120. He seemed sincere in his concern that someone within the State Police had impersonated one of his officers by starting an investigation into our allegations and then discontinuing the case...but not disposing of the file. He stated that he does not tolerate corruption of this sort within his department. Corruption would only be amongst many of the crimes that were perpetrated in this act of the betrayal of the public's trust, i.e.,Perjury 2921.11,Tampering with Evidence2921.12,Compounding a Crime2921.21,Failure to Report a Crime 2921.22,Interfering with Civil Rights 2921.45, Dereliction of Duty ORC 2921.44, Obstruction of Justice 2921.32, Obstruction of official business 2921.31, and Impersonation of a Peace name a few just within the State statutes alone. That information will be in an upcoming Blog involving higher ups.
   The eight (8) pages are as follows;
On the first two pages, questions 1a-1c deal with the validity of the police report and the subsequent postings in the police blotter of the Wadsworth Trading Post. The materials publish were inaccurate and didn't whatsoever reflect the complaint that my fiancee had submitted to them. She argued that they were protected by the first amendment of the constitution and were in no way related to what the actual report said and beyond there control.
   Question 2 and 3 was regarding Sgt.Dorland's inability to perform his job. My fiancee had been being harassed by Haley and Katilynn Abney since I was fired from Marie's Pizza. They had broken into our apartment and sliced up Pam's pictures and were repeatedly threatening to kick her ass while being driven around in Rhiannon Renacci's Jeep(this is Congressman James Rennaci's daughter. She was terrified to leave the house and had reasonably requested that the Sgt. follow up in person at her house for the keying of the Blazer that said, "you are done Bitch!" He had refused, and the Mayor makes claim that this and the telecommunications harassment had been forwarded to the prosecutor's office. The same office that distributed a memorandum telling the police to illegally stop and search us whenever they had a chance, because we were a nuisance. This was absolutely false as Pam had tried to ask the prosecutor about filing charges while I was present with our children, and the prosecutor called the cops over and had us escorted out. The police had their hands on their weapons-which aren't suppose to even be in City Hall. He stated that he would not press charges, have the calls looked into(as Sgt Dorland refused to do), and that if we did not leave he would have us locked up for criminal trespassing-in City Hall...which is about as Public as any place gets. She even dismisses the fact that Pam had a Civil Protection Order from the Medina County Court of Common Pleas against Haley and Katilynn Abney and any friends associated with them. Wadsworth was served copies yet the police, Safety Director, Matthew Hiscock, and Mayor Laubaugh refused to acknowledge them as is clearly defined on page 4 question four...of which she only partially chose to answer.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The next questions in the letter deal with the Marie's Pizza incident, which I have already documented in previous blogs. Basically , she justifies everything that her patrolman did, including Patrolman Shannon drafting up the document signed by both himself and Charlotte Abney. Marie's cannot say that because it is a private business that they can ban anyone they chose and have police illegally enforce it. It is a privately owned small business, but it is open to the general public. They would therefore need a civil order enforcing such a decree. I guess because James Rennaci's daughter works there seasonally they get special privileges that the other citizens do not. I guess it helps that her and Katee Abney snitch for the police so that they can continue selling their pills and weed out of the restaurant unhindered at the expense of the people they pretend to befriend. They have been at numerous drug bust where the Wadsworth Police were involved with doing the same shit as everybody else...yet, they never question them or even mention them in their reports. Just ask Katee's cousin and her (ex)boyfriend DJ, lol. Regardless, when the cops arrived on scene I was the one that was swarmed around like I had committed a crime, lol.
   Question 4 dealt with my asking for the standards of operating procedure. They dicked me around for weeks claiming that they didn't have such a manual dictating policy and procedure, and that if they did, it was classified, lol. I only wanted them because the Wadsworth Police kept refusing to hear our complaints that we were trying to file. They claimed that there was in fact no particular procedure for filing one...and that we could just tell them to them verbally, or write everything out. The Mayor pointedly refused to acknowledge those parts of the questions, lol, because there are in fact policies and procedures that outline filing a complaint quite specifically-which they refused to adhere to.
   Question 5 deals with Patrolman Blubaugh and his trainee Haus just walking into my house without asking permission. None of which she even acknowledges. I was in the bathroom and him and Haus just walk up into my house and demand that my fiancee remain seated. Meanwhile there are at least three cruisers outside each containing two patrolman. Talk about scared little boys. When I came out Blubaugh told me to sit down while they talked to me. It was in regards to my taking pictures from the public sidewalk and some girl that I formerly worked with Nikki Zickefoose got all bent out of shape because her vehicle was in one of them. Her mom had threatened to sick her dog on me. But whatever, I was taking pictures of vehicles that my surveillance cameras had picked up as being around when I was not home. There was a group of women terrorizing my fiancee. I had called the cops simply to cover my ass if these crazy women called on me. Patrolman Blubaugh had laughed it off like a joke-which it was pretty funny; women can be extremely vindictive when they set there mind to it and enact mental terrorism(I would much rather have a man mad at me. At least then, you know where it is headed. If they get mad enough, then you fight, lol, you either win or lose-either way it is usually over) but when she had called 40 minutes to an hour later they rushed my house like I was a terrorist. Once again refusing to hear my fiancee's part of the complaint. Trainee Haus, a total of three times unlatched his gun on me. Once as I was coming out of the bathroom, once when I wiped my toddler sons nose and a third time when I picked him up. WTF. Maybe scared little boys shouldn't be allowed to posses fire arms. In the least, Patrolman Blubaugh could of had him file a Use of Force report as is required if a gun is unlatch and partially unholstered. No one at the police station seriously reviewed our complaints. There is no Internal Affairs division or even a civilian oversight committee. Just the same cops that work and grew up together reviewing complaints. Regardless, once again, there is the Marie's connection; and the only commonality between Marie's and City Hall that is a constant, is that these people were associates with the Renacci's(Renacci being the former Mayor of Wadsworth and even boasting that since he moved his new office to Wadsworth, that he regularly hangs out with the officials at city hall-as can be seen from the link to the article below :


Renacci opens new office in Wadsworth

On page 5 she pointedly refuses to respond to my questions directly. She responds to my question as to whether it is normal for a calm and polite citizens to exercise his civil liberties to be surrounded by four patrolman with weapons( in a no weapon zone) for walking to the reception window of the directors and mayor's offices? With, " I fully support the actions of the Wadsworth Police Department and the director of public safety to provide city employees with a greater sense of security." So my presence is frightening? So frightening that even while I am polite and respectful they would have the Chief of Police Reinke, Patrolman Shannon, Patrolman Blubaugh, and the scared little boy trainee Haus flank me with their hands on their weapons-that aren't even suppose to be permitted in City Hall? How did she even become Mayor if she is unaware of these rules. Lets be honest, if I was hostile and you really think that they would hesitate to lock me up? lol.  

Then question 7 was a clearly defined question relating to standards of operating procedure. As a citizen whose civil liberties are being violated I wanted a response. Is it in the policy and procedure to enter a citizens home uninvited and not possessing a warrant? But, as we seen earlier, she fully supports her officers' illegal actions, by her own admission. Stating that my opinions are purely subjective, and keeps referring me to see an attorney...yet earlier, she stated that my saying that I was going to get an attorney was hostile and justified illegal action in order for them to feel safe, lol...I really wish she would make up my mind for me...I am so confused, lol. Seriously though, as the Chief Executive Officer of an entire city, one would expect her to be familiar with the policy and procedure of her police department or at least make deference to the Safety Director Matthew Hiscock who is next in the chain of command after the chief of police( It is interesting to note that Matthew Hiscock claims that he is in fact NOT in charge of police, fire and EMS-see link to video   ). With claims such as those, is it any wonder that Pam and I never had a fair shake at having our complaints heard. It clearly states that Matthew Hiscock is the Public Safety Director on the City of Wadsworth website and that he was appointed executive head by Mayor Laubaugh,

"As the executive head and appointing authority for these departments his primary responsibilities include personnel and fiscal management, as well as, strategic leadership for the Wadsworth Police, Fire and EMS Departments". In the Ohio Revised Code the prosecutor is referred to as Law Enforcement. 

  Page 6 D. In regards to the line of questioning that Pam used went wholly unanswered by the Mayor. It was in regards to Patrolman Shannon falsifying evidence and committing perjury in court...only to recant on the stand and admit to falsifying the ticket and committing perjury. It is case number 11TRD05395. He had initially made claims that he pulled her over on the corner of main and state street, which is how the ticket reads. He later admits under cross examination that he didn't in fact pull her over, but waited outside of the Hometown market. Neither the prosecutor or Judge Mcilvaine pressed the issue for perjury or falsification of government documents, and tampering with evidence-all of which are 3rd degree felonies within the State of Ohio and would have led to his termination. Instead they dismissed the case, and the prosecutor, once again, refused to pursue criminal charges. Months later the cases were placed back on file as Pam having lost them. As the Mayor pointed out, Pam should contact CSEA in regards to the warrant block for nonpayment of child support...which, she did in fact and CSEA Agency sent a certified letter back stating that Pamela never has owed Child Support or had her license revoked. This was in fact presented as evidence in the abovementioned case...and confirmed by the Ohio State addition to being acknowledged in the 3.2 million dollar settlement that Mayor Laubaugh herself had signed( see below)

So, her little yarn of lies is just seeming more and more ridiculous. That they even continue to mess with either one of us at this point is a mystery beyond my comprehension. But at the end of question 1 page 6, she justifies false information being entered into the LEADS/NCIC system Stating that under no circumstances is Daniel Eggeman to be given access to Public Records. This is in direct violation of the Sunshine Laws enacted by the Attorney Generals' Offices. I mean, they are called Public Records for a reason. As a Mayor, the Safety Director and the Legal Department, I would expect them to be aware of such things. Not only is she feigning ignorance, but her refusal to look into the LEADS allegations is Obstruction of Justice. She was made aware of these issues nearly two (2) years ago, and even after admitting to them in the contract...they have refused to take the information out of the LEADS Database.

Page 7 question 4...more bullshit. If a citizen is not operating a vehicle a falsified ticket cannot be written stating that they were. Hers, the prosecutor, judge, and Safety Director's refusal to look into any of the issues is being perpetrated so that Patrolman Shannon does not get fired and possibly spend time in jail.

and, last, but not least the signed page...indicating that she encourages us in continued contact with City Hall and the Prosecutor's office...which is in direct contrast to previous statements that I was both hostile and aggressive, lol. Not to mention that the prosecutor had us expelled on several occasions under duress of imprisonment for criminal trespassing...on Public Property.

   Once again, if you or anyone else have experienced similar problems, please contact me through the comments, or contact an attorney and refer them to my postings so that he may display them as evidence to the character and criminality of the City of Wadsworth and its wretched Public Officials. Otherwise, feel free to share this with whomever-the more the merrier. ...and if anyone from the City is reading this I sincerely hope that you cowards are enjoying this, because the individual protecting you is about to take a long needed fall from HIS career as a crooked politician.

 Most Sincerely, Daniel Eggeman

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wadsworth; Dirty Dealings with Mayor Laubaugh

I have enclosed photos of the contract (for 3.2 million dollars) that the Mayor of the City of Wadsworth wished for my fiancee, Pamela Wingate to sign concerning our allegations into the City of Wadsworth and its Public Servants treating her in a punitive manner for her associations with myself, Daniel Eggeman. I have previously written blogs on all the occurrences described in the contract, see links below;

In October of 2011,;postID=421498758647700502;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=7;src=postname

Theft In Office; Wadsworth and Medina,;postID=7849621417094708431;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=6;src=postname

Interview with Roger King,;postID=7031188663891554380;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=4;src=postname

State Police Investigating Corruption in the City of Wadsworth,;postID=5836543185341339374;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=5;src=postname

 Even in their agreement for the Settlement of 3.2 million dollars, they refuse to acknowledge that the actions taken against Pamela Wingate were in fact criminal. To them, they were just computer errors, and rather than accept responsibility for their crimes they rather play them down and spend a significant portion of the Tax Paying Citizens monies to exclude themselves from liability. That way, they can retain their cushy positions as local government officials and continue the abuses that they regularly perpetrate against their citizens.
  Pamela Wingate chose not to accept this particular contract, and they have since retaliated in a punitive manner. The cases referred to in the above contract...that they admitted were computer "errors" lol, still remain within the LEADS/NCIC System and on her records contained within the Wadsworth Municipal Court. Now, if they acknowledge that they were errors, and offer her a settlement for 3.2 million, then why are they still in affect? Because she didn't sign the agreement? Is that ethical? criminal? EXTORTIONATE even...sign this...or else.
   You voted for these people, so you have a RIGHT to know how they are abusing their offices in the names of the Law Abiding Citizens that they are representing. Is this the type of representation that you desire? Increased taxation, so that they break the LAWS at YOUR expense?
   Think on it. Much of this information can be confirmed by Sgt. Brown of the Ohio State Highway Patrol at;
614.719.9241. Investigate for yourself. I also urge you to call your local government officials and investigate for yourself and demand accountability. Civilian Oversight Committees should be enacted so that the Citizens can ensure that local government accountability is completely transparent and open to the general populace.
   Once again, if you or a love one, friend, or even an associate have experienced similar problems with the City of Wadsworth and their police, then I urge you to please contact us. Our attorney Mr. Carney, and his firm may be interested in hearing your story as well. It doesn't matter if it is exactly like ours just similar  to the extent that you were violated in some manner by the police or various city officials; they can range from ethical violation, criminal violations, and violations against your civil liberties.

Harassment By the Wadsworth Police,;postID=7813523928679121811;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=2;src=postname

Wadsworth's South End Water Pipes Code Violations,;postID=6564034282562867544;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=3;src=postname

Or, even for the matter of the sky high prices in electricity. Wadsworth is in violation of Federal Antitrust Laws that prohibit the monopoly of markets. We should have a choice in who we purchase our utilities from at competitive prices...not just what Wadsworth can demand, because they are the only supplier.

   Thank you most sincerely for your time, please feel free to email me at . I will answer any questions that I am able to, and forward pertinent information to our attorneys.

Daniel Eggeman, and Pamela Wingate.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Norman Brague; A Menace To the Criminal Justice System

Last month Norman Brague was taken out of City Hall by State Policeman Sgt. Brown in handcuffs and taken in for questioning concerning the allegations that Pamela Wingate and I leveled against the City. He was very displeased with this , so much in fact, that he became verbally aggressive with the State Police and threatened them after admitting to the fact that he assisted in falsifying government documents and distributing memorandum ordering the cops to treat us in a discriminatory manner, as well as tampering with evidence and falsifying government documents...and that he was justified in doing so because of my past. He was subsequently detained overnight, but released in the morning with no charges pressed for his threats towards law enforcement. He is back at work, but under investigation. He generally doesn't seem too talkative, but that has changed since the detainment and he is wanting to talk of everyone's involvement in hopes of getting his own sentence diminished when the indictments are served.
I have posted some links below which provide further information and details concerning my case. If you, a loved one, or a friend have experienced similar circumstances and suffered as well, you may in fact be entitled to monetary compensation from the City of Wadsworth. Please contact me via craigslist and send some information about what is happening to you. I am being represented by an attorney out of Columbus, and he and his firm may be interested in representing others as well.

This list is in no way exhaustive, and can include just about anything involving the City, Court, its Officials, Police, etc. So far, with everything put together as is, my case has the potentiality of being just as big a deal as the Dimora case involving the violation of the Public's trust...and he was sentenced to 28 years

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wadsworth Police Corruption; Continued Harassment

I am posting this to either display The Wadsworth Police Departments continued harassment of myself, or their deficits when it comes to Investigative Procedures-which apparently do not take into account Due Process of the Law. In fact, they make a mockery of it altogether.

   This is a copy of the actual Incident Report. It states in the report that Patrolman Chafin, who was driving car number 24 arrived on scene at 20:09. When he arrived on scene, he drove by the Walmart entrances and then circled back up and towards the doors closest to the Garden Department. Stopping halfway up the isle almost directly in view of the entrance furthest from me. I know because he eyeballed me as he drove by, ( I was located right outside the entrance closest to the food stuffs), and then decided to question a group of individuals in that isle.I didn't pay attention to the particulars of the group of people that he was talking to greatly, as it didn't seem to be of much importance to me, but I can attest to the fact that there were more than two individuals. Two looked Caucasian, and one looked to be African-American. I was on the phone with my fiancee and my clock said that it was 20:11. Her call ended at 20:16. I warned her about the occurrences and had her log on a notebook any instances in which police were in my vicinity because of the recent evidence submitted to the State Police in regards to a Memorandum issued to the Police ordering them to harass me or Pam if they had a chance.  I stood with my bag of recently purchased twin-pack of generic Ibuprofen; see attached receipt.

At that time, 20:16, I proceeded to extract my Ibuprofen from the box that it was in and deposit them in my pocket after consuming four of them. I disposed of my bag and garbage in the dumpster directly outside the door. I stood there for roughly a minute or two longer before proceeding towards the direction and isle in which the police car was parked. I walked by the area that they were in and probably got at least 30 feet past the cop car before Patrolman Chafin began saying, "Hey you. Hey you in the black coat." I could hear him walking briskly in my direction, so I turned around and asked if he was referring to me. I stopped and corrected him by stating that I was wearing a brown leather coat(driving coat). He chuckled and stated that it didn't matter. (It does indeed matter, an investigation was taking place at this time according to the above report, so whether or not an individual was wearing a brown leather coat, or a black coat...seem to be of importance-unless i was not actually part of the investigation.). I asked him if I was being detained and he , unlike Sgt. Ballway, took pause...I am assuming that he is more intelligent than the Sgt., since his tact caused me to willfully talk to him. His voice and body posture were neutral as he explained what had happened , vaguely, at the store. Mentioning that they were on foot. Since he seemed polite enough, I voluntarily showed him my receipt which placed me at the store check-out at 20:08. He examined it, passed it back and apologized and told me to have a goodnight. I then apologized if it appeared as if I had an attitude and continued on my way to the roadway leading to Smokerise drive. I crossed the street to Circle K walking directly in view of the cameras and across the walkway leading into the store to cross over and through to the sidewalk. I walked along the front of the building past the car with the number 33, driven by Sgt. Ballway and proceeded towards the sidewalk along Rt. 94 I was roughly halfway to the sidewalk when Sgt. Ballway began yelling for me to, "come here!" addressing me as if I were a dog. Before turning around I activated the video camera on my telephone and directed it in his direction; See links below.

Link one; initial contact;
Link two; him acting as a petulant child and refusing to identify himself;

   It can clearly be determined that he was detaining me against my will, as I tried to walk away and he angrily said, "Don't you walk away from me!" He even pointedly refused to answer my question as to whether or not I was being detained. If you pay close attention to his facial expressions when he is repeatedly stating that he doesn't know who I am, he is suppressing a smirk, and not very well as it went well past the point of what would be considered a micro-expression, in terms of Paul Ekman, lol.
After the video I proceeded to walk behind his vehicle and back on my way towards the sidewalk. As I passed behind his car I noticed that his tail lights lit up. So he either applied the brakes, or shifted it into reverse. He was parked by the air pump. It may be interesting to determine which and if he actually may have started to go in reverse as I was behind him.

   On, 10/19/2013, I called the Wadsworth Walmart in order to make an inquiry as to the nature of the report filed with the Wadsworth Police Department. I did such at 21:08 and talked for exactly 12 minutes and 6 seconds. Relatively early in the conversation because I had inquired about the theft, I was transferred to the Asset Protection Office. The woman in which I was speaking to said that her name was Addy (maybe spelled Addie) but stated that she was not required to give her last name. I think that she assumed that I was an Investigator, because she gave up details of an ongoing investigation. At one point she asked if I was, and I stated no. That I was a concerned citizen, and possibly had information which could lead to the suspects, but did not wish to do so hastily and make false allegations against the wrong party. She became increasingly suspicious of me so I finally identified myself as Daniel Eggeman and proceeded to tell her of my harassment in the parking lot by the police. I say this now, because after talking to Addy, I discovered that when Walmart made the initial call to the Police Department the police only had to walk into Walmart and review the cameras as the two suspects , a male and a female, which Addy said were a couple,and had been positively captured on their surveillance cameras-which Walmart is riddled with, as well as security personnel. Viewing said tape before, aimlessly wandering about the parking lot would not only have told them what they looked like precisely, but their basic build and what they were wearing. Even if they changed their attire, not many petty criminals take the time to change their shoes as well. So the inquisition held in the Walmart and Circle K parking lot could have been conducted in a civil manner afterwards, rather than treating everyone as if they committed the crime. What pisses me off the most about this particular call was that Addy confided that the police never once came into the store to check the surveillance until after they had concluded their investigation in the parking lots. Which is, as I said before, ass backwards like everything else involving the City of Wadsworth. As can be seen from the report and my videos is , one; there were two police on the scene. Sgt Ballway and Patrolman Chafin. One could have scoured the area for suspiscious looking individuals, while the other reviewed the surveillance footage...radioing the results to the other in the process. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. Secondly, The incident report shows that they were looking for a man and a woman. The woman took off towards Circle K and the man towards the Home Depot. Addy assures me that that particular information was conveyed to the dispatcher. They purportedly arrived on scene at 20:09 and I was calmly standing off to the side of the entrance, bag in hand. During that time Patrolman Chafin was chatting with a group of males numbering three or more for at least 7 minutes before I approached and went past him(as can be validated from the surveillance cameras). I should never have had to show him a receipt or be questioned in the first place. I was also informed by Addy from Asset Protection, that it was not a petty theft and that it valued over $1000.00. I am wearing a leather coat, brown, with no padding so it isn't bulky, where was I stashing the goods, lol.
   She transferred me to the Shift Manager named Adam, and it became very counter productive from that point on, other than for the fact that he, Adam, stated that the footage was turned over to the Wadsworth Police Department. All that they are going to do with it is post pictures on Facebook and rely on their snitchline to solve a case for them, as can be seen from all the other thefts from Walmart. They go unsolved for months till someone tells on someone, then the Wadsworth Police pretend like they are something more than traffic cops with minimal educations; see attached below  ( Robbery suspect footage released)  (credit card thief)
   It goes on and on, between Facebook, Twitter, and their snitch line , which regularly goes down from too many calls at once, the City really only needs traffic cops...which for the most part they seem pretty adept at. License and registration, "sqauck" sorry that was my parrot...back to the WPD. lol.

   If this isn't an indicator that I to this day continue to be harassed, then they are an all around bunch of piss poor public servants. I personally think that it is a combination of the two...but that is just my opinion.

The City of Wadsworth's Under Code Water Pipes

Daniel Eggeman

Yesterday at 4:28pmJust wanted to let everyone know that lives on the South End of Wadsworth that the water pipes that the City has ran are only 4" in diameter making them under code. They are suppose to be 6" in diameter. It might not sound like much, but it has far reaching consequences. If you have ever seen the fire hydrants opened up in the spring, even full bore, it just sort of runs out without any real pressure. Let's just imagine that your house is on fire, the hydrants running on those under code pipes do not even contain enough pressure to operate a fire hose from the fire department...meaning that water would need to be shippex from somewhere else and then brought on site. That in effect, would confer liability to the city of wadsworth. They have been aware of this problem for sometime, and refuse to correct it unless a petition is signed and even then they claim that they do not possess the funding to address the issue. Asides from that, the other problems with the under code pipes is the drastic decrease in water pressure when you run your washer and then try and run your sink. It may seem inconsequential...but if you pay taxes to the town...then they should keep everything up to code. Apparently, they are of the opinion that the south end is the ghetto, lol, and the citizens therein are of no consequences. And by the way, about the fire hydrants and under code pipes...those statements are factual, and come from both city workers, and a fireman that is employed by the city.If anyone wishes to address these problems, please contact me, and lets see what we can get done about these issues through city hall.