Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mayor Laughbaugh; More Dirty Dealings

   I demonstrated that Mayor Laubaugh was more than willing to let the citizens of Wadsworth part with their hard earned money by giving Pamela Wingate 3.2million dollars...which you know full well will be felt through increased taxes in the following fiscal years and because a motion was supposedly filed with the courts it is now at 8 million(will publish shortly) see link below;

   This was done, according to her, because she wants to help. That she had no idea whatsoever that any of this was going on. Well, I am here to call her Bullshit card. I have enclosed and eight (8) page letter received via certified mail from Mayor Laubaugh herself. This was back in November of 2011, so how could she possibly not know, lol. In fact, not only did she know, but went so far as to justify the illegal actions of false information being entered into the LEADS/NCIC system. This false information was being entered from Chief Reinke's login and through the agent of Judge Mcilvaine's Clerk of Court, Debra Kaufmann; as has been determined by the Ohio State Police, and recently confirmed by Colonel Paul Pride of the Ohio State Highway Patrol/State Police, Unit number 4024, badge number 120. He seemed sincere in his concern that someone within the State Police had impersonated one of his officers by starting an investigation into our allegations and then discontinuing the case...but not disposing of the file. He stated that he does not tolerate corruption of this sort within his department. Corruption would only be amongst many of the crimes that were perpetrated in this act of the betrayal of the public's trust, i.e.,Perjury 2921.11,Tampering with Evidence2921.12,Compounding a Crime2921.21,Failure to Report a Crime 2921.22,Interfering with Civil Rights 2921.45, Dereliction of Duty ORC 2921.44, Obstruction of Justice 2921.32, Obstruction of official business 2921.31, and Impersonation of a Peace name a few just within the State statutes alone. That information will be in an upcoming Blog involving higher ups.
   The eight (8) pages are as follows;
On the first two pages, questions 1a-1c deal with the validity of the police report and the subsequent postings in the police blotter of the Wadsworth Trading Post. The materials publish were inaccurate and didn't whatsoever reflect the complaint that my fiancee had submitted to them. She argued that they were protected by the first amendment of the constitution and were in no way related to what the actual report said and beyond there control.
   Question 2 and 3 was regarding Sgt.Dorland's inability to perform his job. My fiancee had been being harassed by Haley and Katilynn Abney since I was fired from Marie's Pizza. They had broken into our apartment and sliced up Pam's pictures and were repeatedly threatening to kick her ass while being driven around in Rhiannon Renacci's Jeep(this is Congressman James Rennaci's daughter. She was terrified to leave the house and had reasonably requested that the Sgt. follow up in person at her house for the keying of the Blazer that said, "you are done Bitch!" He had refused, and the Mayor makes claim that this and the telecommunications harassment had been forwarded to the prosecutor's office. The same office that distributed a memorandum telling the police to illegally stop and search us whenever they had a chance, because we were a nuisance. This was absolutely false as Pam had tried to ask the prosecutor about filing charges while I was present with our children, and the prosecutor called the cops over and had us escorted out. The police had their hands on their weapons-which aren't suppose to even be in City Hall. He stated that he would not press charges, have the calls looked into(as Sgt Dorland refused to do), and that if we did not leave he would have us locked up for criminal trespassing-in City Hall...which is about as Public as any place gets. She even dismisses the fact that Pam had a Civil Protection Order from the Medina County Court of Common Pleas against Haley and Katilynn Abney and any friends associated with them. Wadsworth was served copies yet the police, Safety Director, Matthew Hiscock, and Mayor Laubaugh refused to acknowledge them as is clearly defined on page 4 question four...of which she only partially chose to answer.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The next questions in the letter deal with the Marie's Pizza incident, which I have already documented in previous blogs. Basically , she justifies everything that her patrolman did, including Patrolman Shannon drafting up the document signed by both himself and Charlotte Abney. Marie's cannot say that because it is a private business that they can ban anyone they chose and have police illegally enforce it. It is a privately owned small business, but it is open to the general public. They would therefore need a civil order enforcing such a decree. I guess because James Rennaci's daughter works there seasonally they get special privileges that the other citizens do not. I guess it helps that her and Katee Abney snitch for the police so that they can continue selling their pills and weed out of the restaurant unhindered at the expense of the people they pretend to befriend. They have been at numerous drug bust where the Wadsworth Police were involved with doing the same shit as everybody else...yet, they never question them or even mention them in their reports. Just ask Katee's cousin and her (ex)boyfriend DJ, lol. Regardless, when the cops arrived on scene I was the one that was swarmed around like I had committed a crime, lol.
   Question 4 dealt with my asking for the standards of operating procedure. They dicked me around for weeks claiming that they didn't have such a manual dictating policy and procedure, and that if they did, it was classified, lol. I only wanted them because the Wadsworth Police kept refusing to hear our complaints that we were trying to file. They claimed that there was in fact no particular procedure for filing one...and that we could just tell them to them verbally, or write everything out. The Mayor pointedly refused to acknowledge those parts of the questions, lol, because there are in fact policies and procedures that outline filing a complaint quite specifically-which they refused to adhere to.
   Question 5 deals with Patrolman Blubaugh and his trainee Haus just walking into my house without asking permission. None of which she even acknowledges. I was in the bathroom and him and Haus just walk up into my house and demand that my fiancee remain seated. Meanwhile there are at least three cruisers outside each containing two patrolman. Talk about scared little boys. When I came out Blubaugh told me to sit down while they talked to me. It was in regards to my taking pictures from the public sidewalk and some girl that I formerly worked with Nikki Zickefoose got all bent out of shape because her vehicle was in one of them. Her mom had threatened to sick her dog on me. But whatever, I was taking pictures of vehicles that my surveillance cameras had picked up as being around when I was not home. There was a group of women terrorizing my fiancee. I had called the cops simply to cover my ass if these crazy women called on me. Patrolman Blubaugh had laughed it off like a joke-which it was pretty funny; women can be extremely vindictive when they set there mind to it and enact mental terrorism(I would much rather have a man mad at me. At least then, you know where it is headed. If they get mad enough, then you fight, lol, you either win or lose-either way it is usually over) but when she had called 40 minutes to an hour later they rushed my house like I was a terrorist. Once again refusing to hear my fiancee's part of the complaint. Trainee Haus, a total of three times unlatched his gun on me. Once as I was coming out of the bathroom, once when I wiped my toddler sons nose and a third time when I picked him up. WTF. Maybe scared little boys shouldn't be allowed to posses fire arms. In the least, Patrolman Blubaugh could of had him file a Use of Force report as is required if a gun is unlatch and partially unholstered. No one at the police station seriously reviewed our complaints. There is no Internal Affairs division or even a civilian oversight committee. Just the same cops that work and grew up together reviewing complaints. Regardless, once again, there is the Marie's connection; and the only commonality between Marie's and City Hall that is a constant, is that these people were associates with the Renacci's(Renacci being the former Mayor of Wadsworth and even boasting that since he moved his new office to Wadsworth, that he regularly hangs out with the officials at city hall-as can be seen from the link to the article below :


Renacci opens new office in Wadsworth

On page 5 she pointedly refuses to respond to my questions directly. She responds to my question as to whether it is normal for a calm and polite citizens to exercise his civil liberties to be surrounded by four patrolman with weapons( in a no weapon zone) for walking to the reception window of the directors and mayor's offices? With, " I fully support the actions of the Wadsworth Police Department and the director of public safety to provide city employees with a greater sense of security." So my presence is frightening? So frightening that even while I am polite and respectful they would have the Chief of Police Reinke, Patrolman Shannon, Patrolman Blubaugh, and the scared little boy trainee Haus flank me with their hands on their weapons-that aren't even suppose to be permitted in City Hall? How did she even become Mayor if she is unaware of these rules. Lets be honest, if I was hostile and you really think that they would hesitate to lock me up? lol.  

Then question 7 was a clearly defined question relating to standards of operating procedure. As a citizen whose civil liberties are being violated I wanted a response. Is it in the policy and procedure to enter a citizens home uninvited and not possessing a warrant? But, as we seen earlier, she fully supports her officers' illegal actions, by her own admission. Stating that my opinions are purely subjective, and keeps referring me to see an attorney...yet earlier, she stated that my saying that I was going to get an attorney was hostile and justified illegal action in order for them to feel safe, lol...I really wish she would make up my mind for me...I am so confused, lol. Seriously though, as the Chief Executive Officer of an entire city, one would expect her to be familiar with the policy and procedure of her police department or at least make deference to the Safety Director Matthew Hiscock who is next in the chain of command after the chief of police( It is interesting to note that Matthew Hiscock claims that he is in fact NOT in charge of police, fire and EMS-see link to video   ). With claims such as those, is it any wonder that Pam and I never had a fair shake at having our complaints heard. It clearly states that Matthew Hiscock is the Public Safety Director on the City of Wadsworth website and that he was appointed executive head by Mayor Laubaugh,

"As the executive head and appointing authority for these departments his primary responsibilities include personnel and fiscal management, as well as, strategic leadership for the Wadsworth Police, Fire and EMS Departments". In the Ohio Revised Code the prosecutor is referred to as Law Enforcement. 

  Page 6 D. In regards to the line of questioning that Pam used went wholly unanswered by the Mayor. It was in regards to Patrolman Shannon falsifying evidence and committing perjury in court...only to recant on the stand and admit to falsifying the ticket and committing perjury. It is case number 11TRD05395. He had initially made claims that he pulled her over on the corner of main and state street, which is how the ticket reads. He later admits under cross examination that he didn't in fact pull her over, but waited outside of the Hometown market. Neither the prosecutor or Judge Mcilvaine pressed the issue for perjury or falsification of government documents, and tampering with evidence-all of which are 3rd degree felonies within the State of Ohio and would have led to his termination. Instead they dismissed the case, and the prosecutor, once again, refused to pursue criminal charges. Months later the cases were placed back on file as Pam having lost them. As the Mayor pointed out, Pam should contact CSEA in regards to the warrant block for nonpayment of child support...which, she did in fact and CSEA Agency sent a certified letter back stating that Pamela never has owed Child Support or had her license revoked. This was in fact presented as evidence in the abovementioned case...and confirmed by the Ohio State addition to being acknowledged in the 3.2 million dollar settlement that Mayor Laubaugh herself had signed( see below)

So, her little yarn of lies is just seeming more and more ridiculous. That they even continue to mess with either one of us at this point is a mystery beyond my comprehension. But at the end of question 1 page 6, she justifies false information being entered into the LEADS/NCIC system Stating that under no circumstances is Daniel Eggeman to be given access to Public Records. This is in direct violation of the Sunshine Laws enacted by the Attorney Generals' Offices. I mean, they are called Public Records for a reason. As a Mayor, the Safety Director and the Legal Department, I would expect them to be aware of such things. Not only is she feigning ignorance, but her refusal to look into the LEADS allegations is Obstruction of Justice. She was made aware of these issues nearly two (2) years ago, and even after admitting to them in the contract...they have refused to take the information out of the LEADS Database.

Page 7 question 4...more bullshit. If a citizen is not operating a vehicle a falsified ticket cannot be written stating that they were. Hers, the prosecutor, judge, and Safety Director's refusal to look into any of the issues is being perpetrated so that Patrolman Shannon does not get fired and possibly spend time in jail.

and, last, but not least the signed page...indicating that she encourages us in continued contact with City Hall and the Prosecutor's office...which is in direct contrast to previous statements that I was both hostile and aggressive, lol. Not to mention that the prosecutor had us expelled on several occasions under duress of imprisonment for criminal trespassing...on Public Property.

   Once again, if you or anyone else have experienced similar problems, please contact me through the comments, or contact an attorney and refer them to my postings so that he may display them as evidence to the character and criminality of the City of Wadsworth and its wretched Public Officials. Otherwise, feel free to share this with whomever-the more the merrier. ...and if anyone from the City is reading this I sincerely hope that you cowards are enjoying this, because the individual protecting you is about to take a long needed fall from HIS career as a crooked politician.

 Most Sincerely, Daniel Eggeman