Thursday, September 5, 2013

Interview With Roger King In City Hall

Some of the various staff in City Hall, including a police Detective (Markley) have expressed in the open, or even a round about way, their reservations about my video recording the various staff in my interactions while on Public Property. Well, as it is Public, and they are Public Servants...then their reservations do not mean a damn thing to me, lol. A Public place is just that, Public, and tthere is no reasonable expectation to privacy-especially being that they are Public Servants...a little redundant, right? So below, I have left a link to my "Interview" with Roger King. It is quite informative, and expressly shows that he is a weak link in their chain of lies, as he fronts out the Law Director as being the one who wanted to press charges and not himself as the Law Director would want us to believe-and on video for evidence. He also, states, what we already knew anyhow and why the case was initially dropped( on audio transcript) ; that he is just the billing manager, and not a public official. The Public Official, which Pam was being accussed of obstructing, would have been Mr. Easton.

In addition, I have posted this on Youtube as well.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

State Police Investigating The Corrupt Officials In the City Of Wadsworth

Finally! Someone willing to Investigate The City of Wadsworth. After months of letter writing and phonecalls the State Police, who reside over the LEADs system have looked into our complaint...we should have called them first.
   The City of Wadsworth has on three seperate occassions now dismissed and then illegally reopened cases against Pamela Wingate, my fiancee. The most poignant case being 11TRD05395. During the traffic proceeding, on audio transcript, Patrolman Shannon had testified to the fact that he, a sworn and trusted Public Servant had both falsified evidence...and committed perjury. The case was dismissed in its entirety. Many months later after we pointedly refused to take $975,000.00 from The City of Wadsworth to go away her cases mysteriously reappeared, now stating that she had failed to pay fines, appear, etc..
   I guess, in their ineptitude , they somehow felt that they were above the law and that no one would "dare" to oppose them or their ...arrogance. Regardless, it now states in the transcripts that Pam was operating my vehicle while under suspension because she owes Child Support. Prior to even going to court she had obtained official record through the main child support office. They stated that she does not, nor has she ever owed Child Support as her children live with her.
   After contacting the State Police, it only took them about 45 seconds to verify on the databases that Pam never owed Child Support, that Someone had illegally entered information into the system. They began an investigation and discovered that the information had been illegally entered through the City of Wadsworth that 1). Pamela owed Child Support 2). That her licensed had been suspended due to the non payment of the aforementioned Child Support 3). they issued a warrant block because of number 1 and 2, and 4). Someone entered into the system, that I was not under any circumstances allowed access to Public Records. lol...anyone heard of the Sunshine Laws. Because that information checks out they began an investigation in earnest. It is a felony offense to misuse the LEADs system and Law Enforcement personel are required to sign a waiver stating that they will in no way abuse the system, or give out their login information to anyone else. Each log-in is meticulously recorded within the system, giving them the name/password, date and time their is no way anyone can weasel their way out of this one. Even if they said that someone else may have used their log-in then they and the other individual will both be punished for felony offenses...thus, ending their careers in law enforcement.
   I really just wanted to blog about this as an unofficial way in which I could sincerely thank the sloppy and inept workers/law enforcement/ and court personel employed by the City of Wadswoth. Thank you, so very much, and have a great day!

Theft In Office ; Wadsworth and medina

For Months now the City of Wadsworth has been illegally stealing my fiancee's money from her bank account with 5th/3rd Bank and from her prepaid Chase Bank card. In the process, they have been generating extensive amounts of paperwork, lol. Roger King sent in documentation saying that I owed them money...and that because it says that we are married on Facebook that they therefore had the right to garnish Pamela's account (we are not married, she is actually still married to Robert Yates, lol). As can be seen from his uneasy response, he is obviously, the weakest link in the chain, lol, with Debra Kaufman...being just a bit more harder and manlier as can be seen from her outward appearance. She (Debra Kaufman) actually signed wage garnishment forms that she sent to the Banks in the capacity of the Clerk of Courts for Wadsworth. The only thing is, is that their were no real accompanying cases stating that we owed any money-especially not Pam, as the bills were in my name. It actually gets immensley more interesting the further that one delves into this issue. They had a whole operation of sorts going on around this and our lives. At around the same time that they were claiming that I owed them $94,000 (undocumented ), they had individuals from Marie's Pizza(also in Wadsworth) calling the two banks claiming that they were me (Daniel), lol, and that they wanted to work with Wadsworth. I know this for a fact, because the legal Director had the calls logs pulled (330 334 1030) . They did not even bother disguising their location. They also had an undisclosed individual try and cash Pam's stipened check...which is on video, lol. The funny thing about that is , that they actually had her ID. Patrolman Shannon had confiscated it and claimed that he "lost" it. He is currently suspended, lol, soon to lose his job. Regardless, though, everything ties so neatly together with Wadsworth requesting to have a Medina County Judge (Collier) put a Stop and Seizure Order on mine and Pamela's mail, Shannon "losing" her ID, then her check and ID just mysteriously appear in Wooster, lol. Talk about a botched operation. Shortly after this recording, Roger King deposited approximately $400.00 back onto her prepaid card-like I said the weakest link, lol Further creating a money transaction trail from Wadsworth's Accounts to hers, and in the process admitting that he in factt did not want to pursue charges against us...that the Law Department was making him. Say good-bye to your pensions. I promise you that I am not going away, nor is my fiancee.