Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Theft In Office ; Wadsworth and medina

For Months now the City of Wadsworth has been illegally stealing my fiancee's money from her bank account with 5th/3rd Bank and from her prepaid Chase Bank card. In the process, they have been generating extensive amounts of paperwork, lol. Roger King sent in documentation saying that I owed them money...and that because it says that we are married on Facebook that they therefore had the right to garnish Pamela's account (we are not married, she is actually still married to Robert Yates, lol). As can be seen from his uneasy response, he is obviously, the weakest link in the chain, lol, with Debra Kaufman...being just a bit more harder and manlier as can be seen from her outward appearance. She (Debra Kaufman) actually signed wage garnishment forms that she sent to the Banks in the capacity of the Clerk of Courts for Wadsworth. The only thing is, is that their were no real accompanying cases stating that we owed any money-especially not Pam, as the bills were in my name. It actually gets immensley more interesting the further that one delves into this issue. They had a whole operation of sorts going on around this and our lives. At around the same time that they were claiming that I owed them $94,000 (undocumented ), they had individuals from Marie's Pizza(also in Wadsworth) calling the two banks claiming that they were me (Daniel), lol, and that they wanted to work with Wadsworth. I know this for a fact, because the legal Director had the calls logs pulled (330 334 1030) . They did not even bother disguising their location. They also had an undisclosed individual try and cash Pam's stipened check...which is on video, lol. The funny thing about that is , that they actually had her ID. Patrolman Shannon had confiscated it and claimed that he "lost" it. He is currently suspended, lol, soon to lose his job. Regardless, though, everything ties so neatly together with Wadsworth requesting to have a Medina County Judge (Collier) put a Stop and Seizure Order on mine and Pamela's mail, Shannon "losing" her ID, then her check and ID just mysteriously appear in Wooster, lol. Talk about a botched operation. Shortly after this recording, Roger King deposited approximately $400.00 back onto her prepaid card-like I said the weakest link, lol Further creating a money transaction trail from Wadsworth's Accounts to hers, and in the process admitting that he in factt did not want to pursue charges against us...that the Law Department was making him. Say good-bye to your pensions. I promise you that I am not going away, nor is my fiancee.