Thursday, September 5, 2013

Interview With Roger King In City Hall

Some of the various staff in City Hall, including a police Detective (Markley) have expressed in the open, or even a round about way, their reservations about my video recording the various staff in my interactions while on Public Property. Well, as it is Public, and they are Public Servants...then their reservations do not mean a damn thing to me, lol. A Public place is just that, Public, and tthere is no reasonable expectation to privacy-especially being that they are Public Servants...a little redundant, right? So below, I have left a link to my "Interview" with Roger King. It is quite informative, and expressly shows that he is a weak link in their chain of lies, as he fronts out the Law Director as being the one who wanted to press charges and not himself as the Law Director would want us to believe-and on video for evidence. He also, states, what we already knew anyhow and why the case was initially dropped( on audio transcript) ; that he is just the billing manager, and not a public official. The Public Official, which Pam was being accussed of obstructing, would have been Mr. Easton.

In addition, I have posted this on Youtube as well.