Saturday, October 19, 2013

The City of Wadsworth's Under Code Water Pipes

Daniel Eggeman

Yesterday at 4:28pmJust wanted to let everyone know that lives on the South End of Wadsworth that the water pipes that the City has ran are only 4" in diameter making them under code. They are suppose to be 6" in diameter. It might not sound like much, but it has far reaching consequences. If you have ever seen the fire hydrants opened up in the spring, even full bore, it just sort of runs out without any real pressure. Let's just imagine that your house is on fire, the hydrants running on those under code pipes do not even contain enough pressure to operate a fire hose from the fire department...meaning that water would need to be shippex from somewhere else and then brought on site. That in effect, would confer liability to the city of wadsworth. They have been aware of this problem for sometime, and refuse to correct it unless a petition is signed and even then they claim that they do not possess the funding to address the issue. Asides from that, the other problems with the under code pipes is the drastic decrease in water pressure when you run your washer and then try and run your sink. It may seem inconsequential...but if you pay taxes to the town...then they should keep everything up to code. Apparently, they are of the opinion that the south end is the ghetto, lol, and the citizens therein are of no consequences. And by the way, about the fire hydrants and under code pipes...those statements are factual, and come from both city workers, and a fireman that is employed by the city.If anyone wishes to address these problems, please contact me, and lets see what we can get done about these issues through city hall.