Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wadsworth Police Corruption; Continued Harassment

I am posting this to either display The Wadsworth Police Departments continued harassment of myself, or their deficits when it comes to Investigative Procedures-which apparently do not take into account Due Process of the Law. In fact, they make a mockery of it altogether.

   This is a copy of the actual Incident Report. It states in the report that Patrolman Chafin, who was driving car number 24 arrived on scene at 20:09. When he arrived on scene, he drove by the Walmart entrances and then circled back up and towards the doors closest to the Garden Department. Stopping halfway up the isle almost directly in view of the entrance furthest from me. I know because he eyeballed me as he drove by, ( I was located right outside the entrance closest to the food stuffs), and then decided to question a group of individuals in that isle.I didn't pay attention to the particulars of the group of people that he was talking to greatly, as it didn't seem to be of much importance to me, but I can attest to the fact that there were more than two individuals. Two looked Caucasian, and one looked to be African-American. I was on the phone with my fiancee and my clock said that it was 20:11. Her call ended at 20:16. I warned her about the occurrences and had her log on a notebook any instances in which police were in my vicinity because of the recent evidence submitted to the State Police in regards to a Memorandum issued to the Police ordering them to harass me or Pam if they had a chance.  I stood with my bag of recently purchased twin-pack of generic Ibuprofen; see attached receipt.

At that time, 20:16, I proceeded to extract my Ibuprofen from the box that it was in and deposit them in my pocket after consuming four of them. I disposed of my bag and garbage in the dumpster directly outside the door. I stood there for roughly a minute or two longer before proceeding towards the direction and isle in which the police car was parked. I walked by the area that they were in and probably got at least 30 feet past the cop car before Patrolman Chafin began saying, "Hey you. Hey you in the black coat." I could hear him walking briskly in my direction, so I turned around and asked if he was referring to me. I stopped and corrected him by stating that I was wearing a brown leather coat(driving coat). He chuckled and stated that it didn't matter. (It does indeed matter, an investigation was taking place at this time according to the above report, so whether or not an individual was wearing a brown leather coat, or a black coat...seem to be of importance-unless i was not actually part of the investigation.). I asked him if I was being detained and he , unlike Sgt. Ballway, took pause...I am assuming that he is more intelligent than the Sgt., since his tact caused me to willfully talk to him. His voice and body posture were neutral as he explained what had happened , vaguely, at the store. Mentioning that they were on foot. Since he seemed polite enough, I voluntarily showed him my receipt which placed me at the store check-out at 20:08. He examined it, passed it back and apologized and told me to have a goodnight. I then apologized if it appeared as if I had an attitude and continued on my way to the roadway leading to Smokerise drive. I crossed the street to Circle K walking directly in view of the cameras and across the walkway leading into the store to cross over and through to the sidewalk. I walked along the front of the building past the car with the number 33, driven by Sgt. Ballway and proceeded towards the sidewalk along Rt. 94 I was roughly halfway to the sidewalk when Sgt. Ballway began yelling for me to, "come here!" addressing me as if I were a dog. Before turning around I activated the video camera on my telephone and directed it in his direction; See links below.

Link one; initial contact;
Link two; him acting as a petulant child and refusing to identify himself;

   It can clearly be determined that he was detaining me against my will, as I tried to walk away and he angrily said, "Don't you walk away from me!" He even pointedly refused to answer my question as to whether or not I was being detained. If you pay close attention to his facial expressions when he is repeatedly stating that he doesn't know who I am, he is suppressing a smirk, and not very well as it went well past the point of what would be considered a micro-expression, in terms of Paul Ekman, lol.
After the video I proceeded to walk behind his vehicle and back on my way towards the sidewalk. As I passed behind his car I noticed that his tail lights lit up. So he either applied the brakes, or shifted it into reverse. He was parked by the air pump. It may be interesting to determine which and if he actually may have started to go in reverse as I was behind him.

   On, 10/19/2013, I called the Wadsworth Walmart in order to make an inquiry as to the nature of the report filed with the Wadsworth Police Department. I did such at 21:08 and talked for exactly 12 minutes and 6 seconds. Relatively early in the conversation because I had inquired about the theft, I was transferred to the Asset Protection Office. The woman in which I was speaking to said that her name was Addy (maybe spelled Addie) but stated that she was not required to give her last name. I think that she assumed that I was an Investigator, because she gave up details of an ongoing investigation. At one point she asked if I was, and I stated no. That I was a concerned citizen, and possibly had information which could lead to the suspects, but did not wish to do so hastily and make false allegations against the wrong party. She became increasingly suspicious of me so I finally identified myself as Daniel Eggeman and proceeded to tell her of my harassment in the parking lot by the police. I say this now, because after talking to Addy, I discovered that when Walmart made the initial call to the Police Department the police only had to walk into Walmart and review the cameras as the two suspects , a male and a female, which Addy said were a couple,and had been positively captured on their surveillance cameras-which Walmart is riddled with, as well as security personnel. Viewing said tape before, aimlessly wandering about the parking lot would not only have told them what they looked like precisely, but their basic build and what they were wearing. Even if they changed their attire, not many petty criminals take the time to change their shoes as well. So the inquisition held in the Walmart and Circle K parking lot could have been conducted in a civil manner afterwards, rather than treating everyone as if they committed the crime. What pisses me off the most about this particular call was that Addy confided that the police never once came into the store to check the surveillance until after they had concluded their investigation in the parking lots. Which is, as I said before, ass backwards like everything else involving the City of Wadsworth. As can be seen from the report and my videos is , one; there were two police on the scene. Sgt Ballway and Patrolman Chafin. One could have scoured the area for suspiscious looking individuals, while the other reviewed the surveillance footage...radioing the results to the other in the process. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. Secondly, The incident report shows that they were looking for a man and a woman. The woman took off towards Circle K and the man towards the Home Depot. Addy assures me that that particular information was conveyed to the dispatcher. They purportedly arrived on scene at 20:09 and I was calmly standing off to the side of the entrance, bag in hand. During that time Patrolman Chafin was chatting with a group of males numbering three or more for at least 7 minutes before I approached and went past him(as can be validated from the surveillance cameras). I should never have had to show him a receipt or be questioned in the first place. I was also informed by Addy from Asset Protection, that it was not a petty theft and that it valued over $1000.00. I am wearing a leather coat, brown, with no padding so it isn't bulky, where was I stashing the goods, lol.
   She transferred me to the Shift Manager named Adam, and it became very counter productive from that point on, other than for the fact that he, Adam, stated that the footage was turned over to the Wadsworth Police Department. All that they are going to do with it is post pictures on Facebook and rely on their snitchline to solve a case for them, as can be seen from all the other thefts from Walmart. They go unsolved for months till someone tells on someone, then the Wadsworth Police pretend like they are something more than traffic cops with minimal educations; see attached below  ( Robbery suspect footage released)  (credit card thief)
   It goes on and on, between Facebook, Twitter, and their snitch line , which regularly goes down from too many calls at once, the City really only needs traffic cops...which for the most part they seem pretty adept at. License and registration, "sqauck" sorry that was my parrot...back to the WPD. lol.

   If this isn't an indicator that I to this day continue to be harassed, then they are an all around bunch of piss poor public servants. I personally think that it is a combination of the two...but that is just my opinion.