Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Norman Brague; A Menace To the Criminal Justice System

Last month Norman Brague was taken out of City Hall by State Policeman Sgt. Brown in handcuffs and taken in for questioning concerning the allegations that Pamela Wingate and I leveled against the City. He was very displeased with this , so much in fact, that he became verbally aggressive with the State Police and threatened them after admitting to the fact that he assisted in falsifying government documents and distributing memorandum ordering the cops to treat us in a discriminatory manner, as well as tampering with evidence and falsifying government documents...and that he was justified in doing so because of my past. He was subsequently detained overnight, but released in the morning with no charges pressed for his threats towards law enforcement. He is back at work, but under investigation. He generally doesn't seem too talkative, but that has changed since the detainment and he is wanting to talk of everyone's involvement in hopes of getting his own sentence diminished when the indictments are served.
I have posted some links below which provide further information and details concerning my case. If you, a loved one, or a friend have experienced similar circumstances and suffered as well, you may in fact be entitled to monetary compensation from the City of Wadsworth. Please contact me via craigslist and send some information about what is happening to you. I am being represented by an attorney out of Columbus, and he and his firm may be interested in representing others as well.

This list is in no way exhaustive, and can include just about anything involving the City, Court, its Officials, Police, etc. So far, with everything put together as is, my case has the potentiality of being just as big a deal as the Dimora case involving the violation of the Public's trust...and he was sentenced to 28 years