Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wadsworth; Dirty Dealings with Mayor Laubaugh

I have enclosed photos of the contract (for 3.2 million dollars) that the Mayor of the City of Wadsworth wished for my fiancee, Pamela Wingate to sign concerning our allegations into the City of Wadsworth and its Public Servants treating her in a punitive manner for her associations with myself, Daniel Eggeman. I have previously written blogs on all the occurrences described in the contract, see links below;

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 Even in their agreement for the Settlement of 3.2 million dollars, they refuse to acknowledge that the actions taken against Pamela Wingate were in fact criminal. To them, they were just computer errors, and rather than accept responsibility for their crimes they rather play them down and spend a significant portion of the Tax Paying Citizens monies to exclude themselves from liability. That way, they can retain their cushy positions as local government officials and continue the abuses that they regularly perpetrate against their citizens.
  Pamela Wingate chose not to accept this particular contract, and they have since retaliated in a punitive manner. The cases referred to in the above contract...that they admitted were computer "errors" lol, still remain within the LEADS/NCIC System and on her records contained within the Wadsworth Municipal Court. Now, if they acknowledge that they were errors, and offer her a settlement for 3.2 million, then why are they still in affect? Because she didn't sign the agreement? Is that ethical? criminal? EXTORTIONATE even...sign this...or else.
   You voted for these people, so you have a RIGHT to know how they are abusing their offices in the names of the Law Abiding Citizens that they are representing. Is this the type of representation that you desire? Increased taxation, so that they break the LAWS at YOUR expense?
   Think on it. Much of this information can be confirmed by Sgt. Brown of the Ohio State Highway Patrol at;
614.719.9241. Investigate for yourself. I also urge you to call your local government officials and investigate for yourself and demand accountability. Civilian Oversight Committees should be enacted so that the Citizens can ensure that local government accountability is completely transparent and open to the general populace.
   Once again, if you or a love one, friend, or even an associate have experienced similar problems with the City of Wadsworth and their police, then I urge you to please contact us. Our attorney Mr. Carney, and his firm may be interested in hearing your story as well. It doesn't matter if it is exactly like ours just similar  to the extent that you were violated in some manner by the police or various city officials; they can range from ethical violation, criminal violations, and violations against your civil liberties.

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Or, even for the matter of the sky high prices in electricity. Wadsworth is in violation of Federal Antitrust Laws that prohibit the monopoly of markets. We should have a choice in who we purchase our utilities from at competitive prices...not just what Wadsworth can demand, because they are the only supplier.

   Thank you most sincerely for your time, please feel free to email me at . I will answer any questions that I am able to, and forward pertinent information to our attorneys.

Daniel Eggeman, and Pamela Wingate.