Monday, December 16, 2013

Mayor Laubaughs' Insincerity ...Or Norman Brague's Refusal To Cooperate? (Video)

   On 12.11.20013, I entered into Wadsworth City Hall with the intention of seeing if Norman Brague would look into the fact that Child Services Enforcement Agency claims that they have never revoked Pamela Wingate's license for non-payment of Child Support. After all, Mayor Laubaugh herself stated in her certified letter to both myself and Pamela that she encouraged us both to contact the City's Prosecutor
   What follows is a very brief encounter in which I am rejected out of hand as having manufactured our complaints. Granted City Hall was in the process of closing, but I was not asked to come back at a more convenient time on the following day...or any other day for that matter. He just kept repeating , " I don't know why you keep making things up." Even stating outright that he has no intentions of speaking with me. I even stated that I possessed a letter from CSEA, but he did not wish to see it. I merely took these videos to prove that no one is sincere in any of the claims that they make, least of all the Mayor and her little cohort, Norman Brague. It is almost humorous to note that the secretary has more tact than Norman Brague. Maybe, as Brague is well over the retirement age, that he suffers from some sort of delusional disorder that prevents him from thinking logically and the various other staff are protecting him?
   Regardless, I feel that I need to record these things from here on out for both their safety and my own. As what they are claiming and how they are acting is so incongruent.